Privacy policy

Dentamark SRL, with the head office in the county Bihor, the city Oradea, street Moscovei nr. 23, ap. 1, registered by the Registrar of Companies near the Courthouse Bihor, with the number J05/750/2000, fiscal code RO13394675, possesses the quality of personal data operator, registered with the number 38435, in the evidence register of the processing of personal data.

Dentamark SRL assures keeping the confidentiality of the personal data under the law and respects the rights of the patient in respect of the observance of the private life regarding the handling of the personal data.

Dentamark SRL processes the personal data under the law, with good will and in legitimate purposes, to carry out, at the request of the patient, the medical act in the dentistry domain. Processing personal data are operations which are defined in the Law nr. 677/2001. In accordance to the legal stipulations in force, the patient explicitly and unequivocally agrees that Dentamark SRL will use the personal, supplied data.

Dentamark SRL processes your personal data, as following:

1. Audio-video images through automatic surveilling devices, to ensure the monitoring/security of people, spaces, and/or private goods of the society under the Law nr. 333/2003, regarding protection of objects, goods, values and people, with the following modifications and additions;

2. Name, surname, series and number of the identity card, sex, date and place of birth, signature, telephone, address, e-mail, profession, personal numeric code and data regarding the health state through manual means, in the patients record, filled and personally sign by each patient.

1. Information concerning personal data are used only in purposes associated to the safety of the places and goods of the society, and to fulfil the medical act, such as:

1. Evaluation of the general state of health;

2. Evaluation in particular of the dental issues;

3. Establishing the treatment diagram and procedures;

4. Establishing within the diagram the treatments procedures that will be carried out;

5. Resolving the requests, questions regarding the treatment diagram and the used materials;

6. Offering products and/or additional services;

7. Contacting (including through post, email, fax, text messages, pager or phone);

8. Invoicing;

9. Registering the necessary information, in order to establish the best procedures and personalized treatments, taking into account the medical specific (stomatological) of each patient.

2. Sharing the processed information

Dentamark SRL. has the right to share the information owned by their collaborators (dentists, doctors with different specialisations, dental technicians) in order to fully complete the medical act with professionalism.

Sharing the personal data can be also carried out at the request of the person, to entities or people indicated by the patient.

The personal data will be communicated, when needed, to and at the request of the institutions of the Romanian State with attributions of public authority.

3. Information transfer outside Romania

Your data will not be transferred abroad.

4. Which are your rights and how can they be performed?

The right to awareness — you can ask for information regarding the activities of processing your personal data.

The right to rectification — you can correct the inexact personal data or you can complete them.

The right to deleting data (“right to be forgotten”) — you can obtain the deletion of data, in case its processing was not legal or in other legally stipulated cases.

The right to restriction the processing — you can ask for the restriction of processing, in case you contest their accuracy, as well as in other legally stipulated cases.

The right to opposition — you can object, especially, to processing the data which are based on our legitimate interest.

The right to the portability of data — you can receive, in certain conditions, the data which you provided, in a format that can be automatically read, or you can request that the data will be transferred to a different operator.

The right to press charges — you can press charges regarding the way of processing the personal data at the National Authority of Supraveghere a Prelucrării Datelor cu Caracter Personal.

The right to withdraw your consent — in case the processing is based on your consent, you can withdraw anytime.

The withdrawn will only have effects on the future, the processing performed before the withdrawn still remaining available. The right not to be subjected to automatic decisions or additional profiling corresponding to the automatic decisions — you can request and obtain the human intervention regarding the respective processing or you can express your own point of view concerning this type of processing.

The rights of the targeted person will be exerted through transmitting a written request, signed and dated at the Dentamark SRL office Oradea, str. Moscovei, nr. 23, ap.1, county Bihor, Romania.

5. Requirement to supply personal data

It is necessary that you provide the mentioned personal data. These are processed according to the aims mentioned above.

Your refusal to provide information or your refusal express on paper regarding the processing of personal data causes, on one hand, prohibition of your access in the spaces where Dentamark SRL is active, and on the other hand, the impossibility of fulfilling the medical act.