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Waterpik teeth cleaning

Waterpik – an easy and efficient way of cleaning the teeth

Daily cleaning of the teeth and gums is essential. To clean the interdental space (between the teeth) and gingival sulcus (below the gumline) as effectively as possible, we recommend using a Waterpik Water Flosser.

This is ideal for patients with dental implants, crowns, bridges or orthodontic retainers, as well as for those with periodontal disease.


What is the Waterpik?


It involves irrigating the mouth with water. The product sends pulsating water jets at high speed (of up to 40.000 pulsations/minute) towards the teeth and gums. This efficiently removes food debris and stimulates the circulation in the gums.


How do I use it?


There are 2 types of water flossing devices (Waterpik and Sonicare), and below you can see how to use them.

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Portable  Waterpik® WF-03 Freedom