Children require special dental care. The appointments at a specialised dentist in paediatric dentistry are crucial, as dental treatment has consequences throughout the patient’s whole life. Moreover, children must be educated from a young age in order to establish good oral hygiene habits.

The Dentamark clinic offers:

– Treatment of oral diseases and prevention of other conditions
– The prophylaxis of the dental-maxillary anomalies
– Preventing dental decay / cavities and gingival problems
– Control of the plaque
– Instructions for correct dental brushing and oral hygiene

– The first visit to the dentist must be around the age of 2.5-3 years, followed by regular check-ups every 4-6 months. If any dental problems are identified and treated from early stage, the following treatments are much more comfortable for the child.

– It is recommended to visit the dentist during the first part of the day, when the child is well-rested and cooperative. It’s important is that these visits create as a positive experience, creating a relationship between patient and dentist based on trust.

– To protect the teeth, we recommend fissure sealing and local fluoridation. Studies show that the occurrence of dental cavities after the sealing process reduces by up to 80%, constituting the best method in the prevention of dental decay.

– Young children mustn’t fall asleep with the baby bottle in their mouths as it contains milk or other sweetened liquids, which can cause “baby bottle tooth decay”. The baby bottle cavities can be caused not only by sweetened liquids but also by poor oral hygiene.

– Do not cancel your dentist appointments. The dental cavities in baby teeth develop faster than those in the permanent teeth.

– Before the age of 7, every child would benefit from an orthodontic consult. A specialist in orthodontics can identify any issues regarding the eruption of permanent teeth, and monitor development of the dental arches and the maxillary bones. It’s easier to treat any potential problems when they are young, as treatment can become difficult later in life.