Dentamark clinic provides dental facilities under conditions of safety, comfort and professionalism. The whole Dentamark team treats each patient under the guidance of the principal. We strive to establish long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


To ensure the quality of services we provide, we constantly invest in innovative, non-invasive, extremely precise, quick and painless technologies. This investment in modern equipment is supplemented by continuous investment in medical education of the dentists and assistants. This all enables us to tackle complex cases, which we can treat with the utmost skills and professionalism.

The team

We value our people, who are passionate about their job and the patient care their provide. Therefore, we invest not only in continuous development of the dentists and teams, and but also in the cutting-edge technology and materials for them to use. The Dentamark team has specialists in every branch of dentistry. Each patient’s case is therefore discussed by our team so that we choose the best possible solution and most efficient treatment to bring a smile to our patients’ lips.

Care for the patient

For us, every patient is important and we are here to listen to your needs and individual goals. Together, we work on creating a personalised plan for you, so you can get a healthy, beautiful smile.